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market street poster - orange

Market Street Art In Transit Project

1999 - 2000

Local artists amy berk and andy cox collaborate on a visually exciting and conceptually compelling public poster project located in the advertising kiosks along Market Street.

Departing from traditional advertising that tells people what to think, what to feel, what to buy, six highly charged evocative colors bathe the kiosks in a light unaffected by selling, unaffected by buying, affected only by and affecting the places where non-verbal communication happens.

Saturated green, orange, purple, yellow, blue and pink will radiate from the posters, creating their own form of communication.

The viewer brings his or her own experiences and connotations to these soothing yet provocative colored posters and is responsible for creating his or her own message(s) perhaps asking the following questions: Why are these posters empty of text? What are they trying to say? What do the colors mean? These posters are simple, powerful and undeniably beautiful.

This simple but powerful project, gives overstimulated eyes a break from the chaos of the marketplace, encourages questioning and discussion for the new millennium and brings attention to the Market Street corridor as a gathering place for ideas as well as commerce. Responses:

These posters have spurred viewers to continue the collaboration by inserting graffitti over the top of these "blank" canvases. One viewer was so inspired he/she neatly wrote a poem that fit perfectly into the framework of the piece.

poster titles: #100; #157; #230; #291; #374; #529 24 posters (4 of six designs) were on view in the advertising kisosks on the pedestrian corrider of Market Street from the Embarcadero to Van Ness from February - April 29, 1999

by Amy Berk + Andy Cox: a project of the San Francisco Art Commission's Market Street Art in Transit Program

market street art in transit - green